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Quality assurance and EOL test by e42 Elektronik from Muenster

Since more than 25 years the team of e42 Elektronik from Muenster in Germany supports engineering companies with modern measurement and testing technology. Our quality assurance and EOL test service includes the check of simple connectors, cable sets and also complex assemblies with their own processing units which are often used in automotive manufacturing. 

In many cases we develop unique measurement technology just for the quality assurance process, because there are no existing standard solutions for the machine. We also develop operating software for machines and provide you with reliable manufacturers which construct complete testing machines.

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Your specialist for quality assurance and EOL test in Germany

Our quality assurance service includes checks of:

  • Hall and PLCD sensors for gearboxes, shift levers and pedals
  • Connection bars for battery packs
  • Outlets with internal components for solar panels
  • Rotary switches for hotplates (shifting paths and torque)
  • And many more

We have a big pool of different measurement technologies and software modules to visualize the test results. Benefit from many years of experience, efficient and customized solutions.

Do you have further questions regarding the EOL test or other services? Please contact us and we will provide you with all necessary information.

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